How to Get pet hair off and out of your home

When do they shed? More than 85 percent responded that they thought their pet shed all the time with no seasonality. The other 15 percent thought shedding was bad seasonally.

How do our users deal with pet hair? The most common methods for dealing with pet hair are vacuuming and brushing pets. Approximately 93 percent vacuum or sweep regularly to deal with hair and 71 percent also try to regularly brush or groom their pets. About half of these users do the grooming or brushing themselves and about half use a groomer.

  • Air Cleaners: Make sure you change your air filters frequently.
  • Bedding: Wash at least weekly. Buy beds with washable covers or lay a blanket that can be easily laundered over their favorite resting spots.
  • Flooring: The preferred type of floor to deal with pet hair is hardwood or tile. Carpet was the biggest problem for our pet owners.
  • Brooms and vacuums: One user gets great results from a rubber broom: “I use one of those “squeegee-bristle” rubber brooms to scrape the cat hair off the carpet into a “ball.” I then follow up with vacuuming.” And… “You can use just about any Bissell vacuum to easily pick up those dog hair tumbleweeds and it reaches under furniture.”
  • Have flooring that matches your pet! A few users actually installed flooring to match their pets! “I took the easy way out–I bought carpets that don’t show the golden retriever hair so easily because of the color. The hair is still there, just not as obvious.” And “Have carpet and floor that match your dogs fur. My Pergo floor is light (Like blonde). Doesn’t show from a yellow lab until it fur balls from the fine hair during shedding.”
  • Bottom of rubber soled shoe: “When it’s on the carpeted stairs; the bottom of my tennis shoes is good at removing it; that goes for car seats; and carpeting………You can even put the shoe on your hand to remove the hair.”
  • Damp mopping: Seems to work on tile floor.


  • Rubber Gloves: Lots of users like rubber gloves to deal with hair on furniture. “The best way to remove cat hair from furniture/fabric is to wear Playtex gloves. Rub glove(s) in 1 direction & watch your fur ball grow! You pick-up 98 percent on the first swipe!” And “For pet hairs on furniture I use a rubber glove, and rub it over the chair or couch and the hair comes off!”
    • Dry Sponge: A dry sponge can be used on furniture to help ball up hair. For most, it is more effective if slightly dampened.
    • Slip covers or blankets: A common recommendation is to use different materials to cover furniture and wash them weekly. “Slip covers and blankets are great for covering up furniture because they can just be thrown in the washer.”
    • Cloths: “A micro fiber cloth dry or dampened removes hair easily from furniture.”
    • Velcro-type lint brushes: “I’ve found that those velcro-type lint brushes work best on the furniture and on my clothes.”


    Use the same tips as given for clothing and furniture.


    • Rubber glove: The rubber glove technique was a favorite for dealing with pet hair on furniture but also was recommended for clothing. Just put on the glove and brush hair away.
    • Dry sponge: Can also work on clothing depending on the fabric. However a damp sponge or hair roller tend to work slightly better.
    • Damp sponge or cloth: “A wet cloth if you have no other option will remove pet hair from clothing and material.”
    • Lint brushes: This can work great.