From pet lovers to pet lovers!

We believe that every animal deserve an opportunity to live their happy lives! Our mission is help to all pets, no matter what their behavior, how small or big they are or how old they are. We work hard to give pets better life and we know that every pet deserve second chance.

We do our work differently, our mission is:

We helping  animal shelters, humane societies, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies advertise their homeless pets to  adopters , for free. We’re all about getting homeless pets into homes.We use the Internet and social media to connect adopters with shelter to help pets be adopted.   We  provide  informative tips and education for pet owners.

  • support shelters or rescue groups to promote them
  • material or financial support
  • educate and preparing people for adoption and the responsibility for pets
  • inform about the animal rescue and animal cruelty law
  • learn how to report bad puppy stores or how report abuse animal
  • support legislation that regulates and reduces breeding of animals
  • support animal-friendly candidates for elections

Pets give you everything, they like to learn and respond your feeling. We here to give you advices about the animals. Why shoud you adopt pet from shelter and not from store. To realize why ,when you adopt you save life.

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Your gift to Pet Happy Life will help to ensure that many homeless animals receive the medical care they need, as well as a chance to be adopted into a caring home.