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Waggle’s the first and only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform devoted to helping pets in medical crisis.

Every day we:
  • Work to bring awareness to the issue of economic euthanasia and the many sides of the problem
  • Identify new ways and best practices for crowdfunding resources for pets in crisis, helping organizations like yours understand how to make the most of every moment spent on the issue
  • Work cross-industry with hospitals, foundations, private funds and pet owners to generate donations from third parties to help (this is a community issue and needs a community solution)
  • Provide a trusted and turn-key financial platform where funds are directed where they’re needed most
  • Provide turn-key fund management, payment processing and solutions like matching-fund campaigns to make it all as easy as

Waggle Crowdfunding for Pets | We Help Pet Owners Raise Funds‎ for Pet Guardians In Need of Financial Assistance. Donate Today. Imagine Being Hit with a Pet Emergency and a High Bill. How Are You Going to Afford It?

Each year, an estimated 500,000 pet guardians in the U.S. face a harrowing moment – the realization that the treatment their pet needs is beyond their reach. The choice is an impossible one: provide care you can’t afford or euthanize a beloved family member. This moment, seen over and over in animal hospitals across the country, impacts the health and well-being not only of the family – it also affects the hospital staff, the veterinarians and the community at large.

The Waggle Difference

Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers, nonprofits and pet guardians to reduce economic euthanasia in pets, thereby giving options to pet guardians and second chances to the pets they love.

Waggle’s network of donors becomes involved

100% of donations are used to fund the patient’s care.