Best Organic & Eco-Friendly Dog Products and Supplies

Environmental Benefits

When it comes to treats and supplies, most commercial brands use synthetic materials or ones that come from virgin ore and other natural resources. These materials take a long time to regenerate and sourcing them harms the environment and limits our resources.

Health Benefits

Commercial dog foods often use a meat “meal” as the main ingredient. Meat meal does include meat, but it also includes byproducts, such as beaks, necks, feet, and whatever else the dog food company wants to throw in there. The second most common ingredient in commercial dog foods is corn or wheat, which is basically just filler and has virtually no nutritional value for your pup.

Financial Benefits

While this is all great news, my commitment to greening my dog has actually saved me some money. It’s true that organic food and treats cost a bit more, but my dog eats less (since the food has better ingredients, you don’t have to feed as much). The toys and supplies I buy her also last much longer than the cheap plastic ones, which means I’ve cut way down on my trips to resupply her toys.

Organic Dog Food

Switching your dog to an organic diet can improve your pup’s overall health and well-being. After switching my dog to an organic dog food, for example, her coat started to look healthier, her breath improved, and she had more energy.

Dry Food

  • Wellness Super 5 Mix. The Wellness Super 5 Mix comes in ten different varieties, including a special formula for puppies, one for weight control, and one for active lifestyles. Whole meat sources are the primary ingredient in any Wellness dog food and the Super 5 mix includes a variety of vegetables and fruit, which give your pup a healthy coat.

    Dog Treats

    We all love to reward our pups with dog treats, but many of the commercial brands just aren’t good for them. Organic treats still have a fat content (which is good for dogs), but they use more whole meat sources, and some fruits and vegetables too.


    Having toys around keeps your dog engaged, and may even save your shoes or couch cushions from a destructive mouth. Most commercial toys use rubber, plastic, and synthetic cloths – none of which is gentle on the environment. But eco-friendly toys use recycled products or sustainable materials to create durable, long-lasting dog toys.