Most Eco-friendly Pet Companies

ALIVE Rescue

This non-profit animal rescue is takes stewardship seriously. At the “Little Barn” (where the rescues live) , they only use environmentally-friendly and/or recyclable materials – from cleaners to dog toys. They feed all-natural foods, have only energy-efficient appliances and even uses recycled paper for marketing materials. Foster homes are giving biodegradable poop bags and eco-friendly cat litter.

 Answers Pet Food

Makers of raw food diets, Answers’s mission is to be “ethical, social and environmentally conscious.” They do so by utilizing green recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging, sourcing ingredients from humanely raised livestock in non-confinement facilities that have a Global Animal Partnership (GAP) rating, and using no GMO foods.

Healthy Pet

Healthy Pet, makers of a host of unique pet solutions for cats, dogs and small animals, are innovative leaders in producing eco-friendly pet products. Not only does this Ferndale, Washington-based company focus on a daily commitment to eco-friendly pet products, but the HealthyPet® leadership team proudly works each day to reduce the impact made on our planet

West Paw Design

West Paw Design is a Bozeman, Montana-based manufacturer of high-quality toys and beds for dogs and cats. Distinguished by a commitment to create eco-friendly, safe and quality products, one-hundred-percent of West Paw Design’s products are manufactured in the United States.


This company manufacturers a Water Filtration System for pets that has been tested to remove 97% of chlorine, dozens of contaminants, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury, in tap water. Their mantra is “reduce, reuse, recycle.”  Its manufacturing facility is 100% powered by wind energy and their water filter components are engineered for minimal waste including the reusable outer filter casings and filter cartridges made of recyclable parts and compostable materials.

Freedom Pet Pass

This company was founded in 2006 with the goal of making a pet door that was truly energy-efficient. The Founder, Brian Algar, has worked closely with the California Energy Commission to create standards for pet doors that include third-party laboratory testing for insulative value and air filtration.

Zoom Room

The Zoom Room is a dog training franchise and canine social club specializing in dog agility. Since it’s beginning in 2007, the company has been dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint by placing a focus on recycling, reusing, buying local and using organic and natural products. Even the construction of their buildings are green – they purchase local and/or recycled materials for the buildings.