The Most Adored Celebrity Pets of All Time

Paris Hilton’s Dogs

Tinkerbell, the chihuahua who tucked loyally under Hilton’s armpit for 14 years, was much more than her best accessory. But since the pup’s passing in 2015, Hilton has found love again with a host of lap-size doggos, for whom she even created a personalized estate, as revealed in an interview last year.The dogs are also privy to balcony access and serene, garden viewsGeorge Clooney’s Pig

Max the pig unfortunately passed away in 2006, but was nonetheless one of the most adored celebrity pets to date. The 300-pound Vietnamese potbellied pig, originally a gift of Clooney’s to an ex-girlfriend, was apparently a formidable influence in the actor’s life, and thought by many to be one of the reasons he maintained his bachelor status for so long.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Dogs

Puddy, Pepper, Penny, Pippa, and Pooey are all bulldogs at the Teigen-Legend homestead, and regularly on the receiving end of some rather royal treatment, like holiday-themed dress-up sessions with Teigen and manicures from her mother.

The Obama Family Dogs