Discipline a Dog Without Punishing Them

Disciplining Your Dog is a Big Part of Pet Parenting!

How do you raise the perfect pooch? Most puppies are not born with built-in know-how of how to live in the human world. A 12-week old puppy does not instinctively know that peeing on the Persian rug is frowned upon. Nor, do they know that your Supergas are not a chew toy.

Dogs must learn how to fit into human society. Discipline will come into play in this process. However, if you start with the positive reinforcement training early, there will be very little need for discipline.

How to Discipline Your Dog Without Breaking Their Trust

Be consistent and consequent in both your teaching and your disciplining. In this way, you will raise a confident, well-balanced dog. How to discipline a dog is all about consistency. Don’t let your pup jump on the couch today and then freak out about it tomorrow.

Decide up-front what behaviors you expect from your dog. Day-by-day, with positive reinforcement, guide them to stick to what you expect from them.

Use a Firm Vocal Que

Shouting at your hound is not effective in the long run. Consistent yelling and ranting during training sessions and at home will result in your dog tuning out.

A firm vocal cue in a stern tone of voice, such as “Uh-uh”, or “No”, will suffice.

Have a Spray Bottle with Water at Hand

Wondering how to discipline a dog with a spray bottle? You can use a spray bottle filled with clean water to squirt at your dog when you catch them doing something undesirable. If you catch Fido muddying the couch, say “uh-uh” and spray a cloud of water in their face. With time the voice command alone should be enough.

Shorten Your Leash

You are walking with your dog on a leash and they are launching themselves at the dogs behind the neighbor’s gate! Here’s how to discipline a dog with a leash: You can do a short and sharp pull on the lead. This paired with an “Uh-uh”, should distract their attention long enough to get them to refocus on you.